Alberta Seniors Dental Plan

senior coupleThe Alberta Government offers a dental benefit plan for seniors in Alberta. You are eligible between 0% and 100%, based on your income from the previous year. The Dental Assistance for Seniors program is based on income and provides low to moderate income seniors with financial assistance for basic dental and optical services that help maintain a reasonable level of health. You could be eligible for up to a maximum of $5,000 of coverage, for eligible procedures, every 5 years under the dental program. To be eligible you must be 65 years of age or older and have an income level within the limits allowed by the program. You must have resided in Alberta at least three months immediately before applying. You must also be a Canadian citizen, or have been admitted into Canada for permanent residence (landed immigrant).

You only need to apply once to these programs. Seniors who have previously applied for the Alberta Seniors Benefit program, the Dental and Optical Assistance for Seniors programs, or have completed a Seniors Financial Assistance application are already enrolled. Seniors who are not currently enrolled will need to complete a Seniors Financial Assistance application form. Call 1-877-644-9992 to request the Seniors Financial Assistance package be mailed to you or find the required forms online at

Dental benefits offered by the Alberta Government are provided through ADSC (Alberta Dental Service Corporation). The ID/certificate number for your insurance policy is your Alberta Health Care number. The Brentwood Village Dental Clinic is proud to offer all of our patients direct billing services. This means the program will pay us, the dental provider, directly for the amount that is covered by the program. If there is a difference between the amount covered by the program and your bill, you will be responsible to pay the difference. For example, if your bill is $100, and ADSC covers $90, you pay $10 to the service provider ($100 – $90 = $10). Because you are responsible for any portions not covered by your insurance provider, you are encouraged to compare prices with dental service providers. At the Brentwood Village Dental Clinic, we are so confident in our competitive rates that we list some of our check-up and cleaning fees on our website at so that our patients may easily compare prices.

Plan Details:
•    Coverage between 0%-100% (The percentage is based on your annual income and may vary from year to year.)
•    $5000 maximum per five years

What is covered for seniors (Effective July 1, 2015):
•    Diagnostic services – examinations and x-rays
o    New Patient / Complete Exam – 1 in 24 months
o    Recall Exam – 1 in 12 months
o    Specific Exam – 1 in 12 months
o    Emergency Exam – no frequency
o    Periapical X-rays – 6 PA’s in any 12 month period
o    Bitewing X-rays – 2 BW’s in any 12 month period
o    Panoramic X-ray – 1 Pan in any 5 year period
•    Preventative services – polishing and scaling. Procedures relating to gum disease (Periodontics) – root planning.
•    Polish – 1 unit of Polish in any 12 month period
•    Scaling – 6 time units of scaling and root planing combined in any 12 month period
•    Restorative services – fillings, trauma/pain control, pins
•    Fillings – 1 per surface in any 24 month period to the dollar maximum of a 5 surface restoration per tooth
•    Extractions – simple and complicated
•    Root canals (Endodontics)
•    Root Canal Treatment – 1 per tooth in any 24 month period
•    Dentures (Prosthodontics) – full and partial basic dentures
•    1 upper and 1 lower denture in any 5 year period
•    1 liner per denture in any 5 year period
•    1 denture repair or adjustment per denture in any 12 month period (not allowed within 3 months of the placement of the denture)
•    1 reline per denture in any 24 month period (not allowed within 3 months of the placement of the denture)
•    Anesthesia
•    Only allowed: a) In conjuction with 4 or more extractions (same appointment). b) If medically necessary and the reason is submitted in writing for approval to Alberta Dental Service Corporation Review Committee.

Procedures not covered:
•    Major Services
•    Bridges
•    Crowns
•    Orthodontics
•    Braces
•    Dental Implants
•    Fluoride Treatment
•    Teeth Bleaching (Whitening)
•    Inlays

You can find a more detailed fee schedule for the Alberta Seniors Dental coverage at

Please call our office at 403-210-5050 to schedule an appointment.

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